SUPERNOVA is a Hard Rock act, exploding onto the Phoenix scene, whose members originate from New York City and Los Angeles. They play original music in the spirit of old-school, '70s and '80s Arena Rock, combined with a slight taste of Rhythm and Blues, Swing, and Jazz. They're loud, they're agressive, they take no apologies, and they make no bones about giving you a BANG for your buck.

Don't expect to sit quietly in the club, slowly nod your head, sip your beer, turn your back, and have a conversation with your friends. You paid a cover charge! So, expect to be overwhelmed and captivated from crushing beginning to devastating end, feeling as though you're at a REAL Rock Concert. (For those who are too young to remember what a REAL Rock Concert is like, SUPERNOVA will gladly provide a demonstration, insisting that everyone join the party.)

They want you to enjoy your Friday or Saturday night as much as they will. You work hard. You deserve it. And they'll make sure of it, even if they have to single you out and drag you onstage with them.


Kyran Joseph: Dark, sinister, charismatic frontman whose vocals will cut right through your heart and leave you bleeding for more.
Joey Galini: Ancient/Futuristic, pint-sized gangster guitarist who will crack your ribs with his classic, crunchy rhythms, and launch you into the clouds with his soaring leads.
ELf Matthews: Eclectic, manic drummer whose hard-hitting beats push SUPERNOVA into orbit with feel, passion, and enough emotion to bring the essence of Jazz and Swing to the Hard Rock forefront.
Mad Max: Crazy, animated, dynamic bassist whose energy and rhythm will have have you movin' in no time flat.
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